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  • adventscalendar-web.png

    Advent Calendar 2018

  • Photogrammetry Campfire

    I went to the forest and took 23 pictures

  • Omnipresence

    At the beginning of 2014 I got myself the first Oculus Rift* development kit. I did not find the time for a full project in virtual reality, but I was working on…

  • Hauptbaum

    “Hauptbaum” is a tower defense game made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 28. You get only one tree. Protect it as long as possible … How to play: Drag to scroll…

  • Miscellaneous Game Music

  • Name a Color

    “Name a Color” is a a website and a database containing the 65536 possible colors that a 16-bit-palette offers. And with a little help from the web, they may all bear a…

  • Blind Draw

    What it is about: BlindDraw is an experimental drawing application. BlindDraw hides your mouse cursor and lets you draw without any visual feedback. Use a mouse! A graphics tablet works even better,…

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    Advent Calendar

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