October 11th, 2012

Flight Simulator 0

You are not supposed to play Flight Simulator 0. It is something to meditate with. This app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch lets you explore an abstract landscape without any goals or missions. Of course you can set your own goal and try to get a clean landing on all of the 12 runways. If you can find them, that is.

Download App (iPhone and iPad compatible)

version 1.0 features:
Flight instructions:
  • Tilt your phone to steer
  • Touch and hold to turn
  • Double tap to pause
  • Landing requires a runway and a smooth touchdown


9 × = fifty four


Christian Schnellmann

2012-11-17 11:40:32
Wow. Thank you, Harry!

Harry Harrison

2012-11-17 10:42:26
Christian, I just saw this mentioned on Venus Patrol, went straight to iTunes and bought it. Been playing it for about 2 hours straight now. Love.It. Looking forward to updates :)

Christian Schnellmann

2012-11-15 06:27:39
Thanks Paul, that's something I'm missing myself :) The feature won't be included in the next update, though. Since I already sent it to Apple. Hopefully it will be in the one after that.


2012-11-15 05:30:59
Hey Christian, this is a pretty cool and weird flight sim, right up my alley. Only thing is, I wish I could adjust the tilt! Mostly I play iOS games lying down after a long workin' day, so this would be so great to have it playable in such a reclined pose.. Any such plans for updates?

Christian Schnellmann

2012-10-17 09:32:42

Scott Murray

2012-10-15 12:46:43
Where can I find the printable map, as your link seems to go nowhere?
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